Transfer Foils

Within the surface finishing technology, transfer foils became quickly quite popular for their multi-fields applications, relatively ease of use and lower cost compared to other types of customisation.

By using our innovative technology, we create products that are not only visually appealing but also have enhanced surface functionality. Our ground-breaking work in this area has received praise from customers around the world. These new state-of-the-art processes not only allow color and design to become part of the product, but also allow for a durable hard coating and the prevention of fingerprints and smudges on products.

We provide the high quality and definition aluminum foils, beside the paper base foils for photo transfer. The transfer foil technology is especially used in the optical frame business, high end and custom jewellery, watches, gifts and premium, stationery, PC'S, mobile phones, automobile parts, home electronics, fashion items and furniture. It let spark and give a special touch to the product. The existing catalogue consists of around 4000 styles, and they can be fully customized changing the colors of each style based on the pattern component. Beside we can develop new styles accordingly to the customer requirement. These can be in high quality and definition vector style on aluminum base, or photo style on paper base.

Surface finishing by heat transfer foils and 3D dye sublimation

Key feature

  1. Transfer and sublimate on metal, ceramic, wood, textile, specific plastic.
  2. The system can reproduce metallic effects, the luster of pearl, gloss, matte and various other artistic expressions.
  3. Capable of reproducing designs of high-definition and photographic quality.
  4. Capable of customizing designs with high-mix small-lot production.
  5. Applicable with a diverse range of product shapes and materials using a relatively simple system.
  6. Lead time reduction.
  7. Capable of meeting unexpected needs for decoration.
  8. Considerable cost benefits for mass production.
  9. Inventory reduction with availability of small-lot production.


General tranfer foil has made it possible to perform high-definition printing on the surfaces of plastics, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, textile. It is used for various products such as stationeries, miscellaneous goods, IT, electronics, home appliances and equipment, cosmetic packages, beauty/health-care equipment, automobiles, etc.