About us

DV International (H.K.) Co. Ltd. is your one stop solution for your jewellery and packaging business. DV with its sister company Dolce Vita (HK) Co. Ltd. can provide a wide range of products and services related to the jewellery and the packaging. It focuses in providing the best services and products to its customers. At DV you can find a reliable supplier for the following:

Jewellery (Gold and silver)

Accessories (Stainless Steel)

Designing, Prototyping and manufacturing of high end finishing accessories in stainless steel, both for men and women.
The stainless steel is matched accordingly to the customer requests with stones, leather strap or cords, cotton strap or cords, carbon fiber, wood, leather insert, enamel, high tech ceramic and other innovative material. Different surface finishing can be applied, such as polishing, satin finishing, sandblast finishing and treatment such as PVD.

Packaging, Display, Printing and Visual Merchandising

From simple to complex packaging DV can provide it all.
DV has a long experience in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of packaging and display, beside printing material and visual merchandising.
DV can design new packaging and display in order to revamp a brand or give a new feeling as simply manufacturing accordingly to technical specification and/or samples.
Besides, the branding service is available to customers willing to a company and brand image retouch.
DV can provide: